Xbox One Controller via PC

How to connect Bluetooth Xbox One controller to PC

The Wireless gamepad from Xbox One will embed his name and it is not limited to pair or connect just using the console. Windows 10 operating system is painless and simple to pair or connect with the controller and allow access it wirelessly with compatible or supported PC games. It is essential to utilize a different wireless dongle based on your controller model. However, the Xbox One S model is supported by the entire recent controllers with Bluetooth support for connecting through a computer (PC). Also, the discussion below is all about Xbox One Controller via PC in different methods. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers.

Xbox One Controller via PC

Different Methods

Find below the list of different methods that can be used to connect your Bluetooth Xbox One controller to a system (PC) for your reference:

Xbox Wireless Adapter for connecting PC & Xbox One Controller

Xbox Wireless is a standard feature of Microsoft that is allowed to build within a few computers. It is essential to purchasing an Xbox Wireless adapter to sync with PC wirelessly and Xbox One Controller without a Bluetooth connection. Similar to the console (proprietary method), this adapter will assist the users to connect the Xbox One Controller via PC or computer.

  • First of all, you need to connect the Xbox Wireless adapter to your computer (PC) and install the appropriate drivers.
  • After installing the drivers, you need to press & hold the adapter button to view the flashing light.
  • On your controller, turn on by just pressing & holding the Xbox icon. Moreover, press the Bind icon on your Xbox One Controller’s top-side.

Within a few seconds, you can view the adapter will connect or pair with the Xbox one controller.

Bluetooth Option for connecting PC & Xbox One Controller

Bluetooth is another convenient method for connecting your computer (PC) and Xbox One Controller. However, it is advisable to utilize the Xbox One Controller’s newest or latest model for connection. If you are able to view the plastic casing within the Xbox One Controller icon then the model should not be compatible with the Bluetooth option. In case if you prefer for the wireless connection then you need to purchase the Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect your PC & Xbox One controller wirelessly. The Bluetooth connection is supported only for the non-plastic casing across the Xbox icon.

  • To utilize the Bluetooth option, you need to access the Settings option and navigate to the Devices sub-menu.
  • Then access the Bluetooth and Other Devices option.
  • Select the Enable Bluetooth option and choose Other device or Add Bluetooth feature.
  • Within the available list, you can choose the Bluetooth option.
  • Now, turn on the Xbox one controller by pressing the Xbox icon.
  • Then press the Bind icon to turn on the controller’s top-side and the Xbox icon will flash rapidly.
  • Within the menu on your computer (PC), you can view the Xbox One Controller option.
  • Just choose the option and complete the pairing with Xbox One Controller.

This method will assist the users for connecting the Xbox one Controller using Bluetooth option with simple steps.

USB Cable Option for connecting PC & Xbox One Controller

This is a straightforward method of connecting the computer (PC) with your Xbox One Controller using the micro-USB cable.

  • Just connect the USB port end to your computer (PC) and use the slim end for connecting your Xbox one controller.
  • Just press the Xbox icon to turn on the controller and you can remove the USB cable for disconnection.
  • On Windows 10 operating system, the computer (PC) will instantly recognize or pair the controller.
  • If you are not using Windows 10 OS and an earlier version then you need to download the drivers automatically for connecting the Xbox One controller.
  • The batteries within your Xbox One controller may drain quickly even if it is not connected to the system (PC).
  • It is advisable to utilize the rechargeable batteries and choose the Xbox One Play & Charge kit to your device.
  • This will eliminate the battery life by charging during the connection between the controller and your computer (PC).

Reconnecting Console with your Xbox One Controller

You can follow the below-provided instructions for reconnecting the console along with the Xbox One Controller for your reference:

  • For a few seconds, you need to press & hold the Xbox icon to switch off the Xbox One Controller device.
  • It will turn off after the light goes out.
  • In case if the Xbox One Controller device is already paired for the Bluetooth connection then you can just hit the Xbox icon to switch on the system.
  • You can perform any one of the above-mentioned methods to connect your Xbox One controller device with your computer (PC).
  • After connecting the device with your computer then it is essential to re-pair your Xbox One Controller for future use.
  • Make use of a USB cable to connect your Xbox One Controller by pressing the Xbox icon for pairing.
  • If you prefer for a wireless feature then press the “Connect” icon from your system (PC).
  • Xbox One device will offer the left-side of its disc tray and Xbox One X & Xbox One S will be located near the front panel (bottom right-hand side).
  • Just press the icon by turning on the Xbox icon to switch on the Xbox One Controller and hold the Bind icon to pair the device with your computer (PC).

In case, if you are experiencing any issues you can just try with the available options for connecting the Xbox One Controller device with your computer (PC).

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