showbox sorry can't play this video fix

How to Fix showbox sorry can’t play this video in simple methods

Showbox is one of the most considered choices by individuals around when it is about having endless hours of entertainment. It is occupied with Ultimate content which is sufficient for providing so. But sometimes, users look forward to Showbox and its alternatives just because some error arises like showbox sorry can’t play this video. If you also hit in the same category where you are looking forward to some alternatives just because Showbox is not playing the video, we suggest you stay tuned with us till the last.

showbox sorry can't play this video fix

Here we will not only share some solutions to fix the not playing video error but also suggest you some other alternatives for Showbox. After this read, you will not have the same thought whenever you want to browse through your favorite content.

How to fix showbox sorry can’t play this video?

Different solutions are there that will help you to fix this error. These are as follows:-

Reinstall application again

Re-installation of the application will help you to get access to all the new features integrated into the app. Sometimes whenever there is a new update available for the application, it stops functioning. Therefore we suggest you uninstall the previous version and get the latest version on your device and check out whether the problem has been resolved or not.

Clear cache

Sometimes cache has occupied a place that also interferes with the activity of Showbox. We suggest you clear it out and again install the application. This will fix the issue and will help you to play the videos effortlessly. It is also one of the best methods when you witness showbox sorry can’t play this video.

Check out the application whether it is working or not

Sometimes a user is not able to play the video because the application stops working. We suggest you open the application and check out whether it is working or not. If it is working fine, then this is the technical Glitch that you can resolve by some other methods. But if the app stopped working, you need to look for some perfect solutions. Usually, people try to install the application again to have access to the content.

Reboot your device

In the end, we suggest you reboot your device to check out whether the problem has been resolved or not. Rebooting is one of the easiest ways to do so. Hence there will be no such trouble at all. You can simply reboot the device and get back to the application for browsing through the videos you want to play.

Alternatives to Showbox

It’s still you feel like that these are not working in your favor we suggest you look forward to some  alternatives, when you face showbox sorry can’t play this video. Let’s have a look at all of them to have an Ultimate experience later on:-


Playbox is the Ultimate option for all those looking forward to Showbox alternatives. It allows the user to go through movies and TV shows easily. It has a simple menu system available which allows you to find out the content effortlessly. A user just requires an active stable internet connection so that they can browse through the content.

Tea TV

TeaTV is also an option for users who want to browse through unlimited content. It has a straightforward interface and also categorization is done, which allows users to find out the content of their choice. It also has a language selection option, which helps you to choose the language of your choice and get the content.


Mobdro is a new application introduced in the list of Showbox alternatives but yet has some exciting features to make the interface more amazing. All the possible services are available through which users can get the movie and show off their choice. It is almost compatible with all the devices, from there will be no such problem at all. This is a full-fledged application having all the options available for keen streamers.


TubiTV is one of the most entertaining apps available for the user who wants to get the content directly. It has a collection of almost 40000 movies along with good quality. The interface of the portal is straightforward, which allows users to find out the movie of their choice effortlessly. Also, finding out the right movie will be easy because the search bar is also there for easy navigation.


CinemaBox is an exciting application having the same interface as Showbox. When you are looking forward to Showbox alternatives, this application is no wonder the best one to choose. Here categorization has been done, which allows you to find out the content of your choice directly. For all Android and iOS users, this application is the best to choose because it is supported on both platforms. The compatibility of the portal will allow users to have nonstop hours of entertainment along with good content.

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Hulu also hit the category of best application whenever it is about looking forward to an alternative to Showbox. This is a web-based service that will allow you to browse through the content. All your favorite content is just a click away, and you just need to find out the movie of your choice.


Crackle is also an Android-based streaming application having good content available along with a straightforward interface. You just need to search for your favorite TV show web series all movies and get it just by a click. The downloading option is also there, which allows users to get it easily.


When you are looking forward to using any of the applications, and it is not allowed in your country, we suggest you get a VPN available so that you will be able to have a safe browsing experience without having any problem related to legal things.

Wrapping up

Here we have come to an end and shared some alternatives to Showbox and related details, if you experience showbox sorry can’t play this video. We suggest you utilize all of them for having endless hours of entertainment. If there is something you wish to do, let us know so that we can reach to you with the best solution for the problem arising.

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