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Google Classroom App and its Features for Android 2020

Google Classroom is one of the most popular and the best online platforms that assist your physical classroom’s learning experience. It is one of the Google Apps that are categorized under the Educational Suite to provide paperless learning within your classroom. This is a free and efficient collaboration app for learners and teachers. Teachers can create & provide assignments, advise the students for class attending, and even creating online classrooms. The Student’s progress is monitored by the teachers and makes use of this platform to communicate the assignments. 

Google classroom app

For utilizing this solution, the schools need to create a new Google Apps account for Education Suite. Apart from the standard Google accounts, students & teachers are provided with extra features by the Google Classroom app. The Forms tool is used by the teachers for creating multiple-choice questions and even adding pictures. The Gmail tool with Inbox can find key updates & highlights by enabling teachers & students and hosting Classroom messages. 

The class streams are organized by the teachers with the addition of posting the subjects. The teachers & students can easily filter the available streams to identify the specific subjects. Parents can benefit from using the Google Classroom. It is also possible to generate the summaries of student performance and share the same with their parents. Automated email summaries will offer the student work and class announcements.

Features of Google Classroom App

Google Classroom is another free productivity tool which contain storage, documents, and emails. Google Classrooms are specially designed for the teachers to enhance the student’s communication, organize the classes, and even save time.

Administrators – Easy Support

Classroom User Metrics

Within the Admin Console, the administrators are allowed to view the entire Classroom usage reports.

Personal Data Protection

Classroom is properly covered within the Terms of Service for G Core Suite Education that includes the FERPA compliance (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, 1974). Admin should provide the necessary access to the third-party applications by the domain users.

24/7 Free Support Team

You can easily find the support or answers using the 24/7 support phone line, the Google Classroom Help Center, or the Google Classroom Help Community.

Professional Development

Make use of the free online training to get the teachers quickly for your Google Training Center.

SIS Integration

Depending on your SIS (Student Information System), the Classroom API will create the student rosters and set up the classes. It is also possible to push the grades or ranks to the SIS system using the beta program.

Set Permissions

You can disable or enable the Google Classroom for various educational G Suite school districts, specific organizational units, or for the entire users. It is determined that a particular teacher can create & even manage the classes.

One Sign-in

The Students & Teachers can utilize the Educational G Suite user account for signing into their classrooms.

Secure & Affordable

Similar to other free educational G Suite services, the Google Classroom app will never utilize the student’s data or advertisements for their additional advertising purpose.

Collaborate & Communicate

Guardians Communication

Any Google Suite Domain Teachers are allowed to invite guardians & parents to register for email summaries to know the student’s missing or upcoming work.

Share content to Students

Instantly push websites will provide access to share with the Classroom extension. Students are also possible to share their screen or content with their teachers.

Share Media Content

Make use of the one-click share option for sharing the website pictures or weblinks to their Classroom extension.

Class Discussion Management

Teachers can control the posting Stream page and as well as mute any students from commenting or posting.

Class Discussion Creation

Students are allowed to engage within the question-driven class discussion by posting announcements or Stream page. They can easily move the next important topics or even reply to their classmate’s queries.

Instant Feedback

Make use of the Docs Grading tool to comment, edit, or view the real-time student work. The Classroom mobile app can be utilized to annotate student work.

Anywhere or Anytime Access

Students are allowed to access the Classroom 24/7 through the Classroom mobile app (iOS or Android) or over the web.

Saving the Teacher’s Time

Favorite Teaching Tools Integration

Make use of partner applications (other Teaching tools) to sync with your current Classroom classes.

Grades Transfer

Teachers can export the entire final grades to a CSV file or a Google sheet for upload purposes. It is also possible to push the grades or ranks to the SIS system using the beta program.

Easy & Quick Grade

With a one-click feature, teachers can easily filter the students to return their graded work, share the drafted grades, include feedback or comment, and turn the student’s work. The Classroom mobile app is also used for visual feedback and adds annotations.

Grade Customization

Select your favorite grading system and create new grade categories for grading the students within the Grading page.

Organized Classes

The Classwork page can be organized by the teacher through topics creation for reorder.

Organized Teachers

Review the earlier comments, grades, questions, assignments, and including the student work. The teacher can review the work for one or more classes using the sorting feature.

Organized Students

Classroom will allow you to create a new Google Calendar to access each class to update the due dates and their respective work. Students can just tap the link to view their upcoming work.

One-place Resources

Students can easily access the available materials like an online text, a class syllabus, office hours register sheet, and many more by creating a key resource’s topic.

Class Graphics Customization

You can change the default theme or color for your respective classes.

Quick Polling & Exit-Tickets

Teachers can post a questionnaire for the students and display the results within the Classroom.

Advance Preparation

You can draft or schedule the questions, assignments, or announcements to publish at a specific time.

Individual Assignments

Each individual student can receive the announcement of assigned work by the teachers in the classroom.

Assignments Customization

You can create the assignments and customize the topics, point values, due dates, and also add the grade categories.

One-click Worksheets

Make use of the one-click feature to create an individual copy along with assignment and attach the same to the worksheet for each student.

Assignments Enhancement

Your assignments can include materials like PDFs, the Google Forms survey, YouTube videos, or even other Google Drive items. The Classroom mobile app can be used by the students or teachers to draw, notate, or highlight on the PDFs or documents.

Teach Together

It is also possible to teach the course or syllabus with other instructors (up to a maximum of 20 instructors).

Multiple Classes Management

Teachers are allowed to reuse the existing questions, assignments, or announcements from other classes. For future reference, they can also share the posts through archive classes or multiple classes’ features.

Easily Add Students

You can take more time for guiding the class and students can use the code to join the classes.

YouTube Functionality

Google Services will prefer to utilize YouTube functionality to collaborate for teaching. Most of the schools or organizations will never accept this consideration and prefer to choose the content. As an Additional Feature or Service, Google launched the new advanced YouTube Settings for the entire Google Apps Domains. The Apps Admin can utilize this feature to restrict or block the YouTube Videos especially on their managed network domains for signed-out or signed-in users.

Attaching Google Form to your Post or Publish

It is another important feature of the Google Classroom app that allows you to attach the Google Forms to your Publish or Post. Most of the teachers will use this easiest method to assign a survey, quiz, or test to their students in a class. As the earliest, the Students & Teachers are allowed to attach their Google Drive Forms for assignments & posts. They can use the weblink to view the answers in the Classroom.

Optional Due Dates

It is provided for either Self-directed learning or Project-based learning. Teachers can easily create the assignments within the Google Classroom without due dates for any due-date-less assignments or long-term projects.

Post Bumping

For a long time, you are sticking the posts available on Facebook updates, tweets or blogs. Now, it is much easier to use the Google Classroom app to move the post to its top-most position.

Calendar Integration Enhancement 

Teachers will always prefer to change or improve the workflow. The Google Classroom is used to create a calendar automatically for your classes within the Google Calendar option. The entire assignments are automatically added with their respective due dates to your classroom calendar and update it regularly. Make use of the Google Calendar or Classroom to view your entire calendar. It is also possible to include class events manually like guest speakers or field trips.

Reuse Existing Assignments

You will love to update or reuse the existing documents or assignments to make some changes. It is now possible to reuse your existing questions, announcements, or assignments from any classes and customize the same as per your requirements. Teachers can customize the documents with minor changes before assigning or posting the same.

Posting the Questions

Teachers can easily post the questionnaire with the students and allow them to discuss each other within the class to respond with an appropriate answer. You can advise them to draft a paragraph on the posted article or share a video file & ask them to answer your questions in response.

Enhanced Support & Training

You require more support or training to utilize the new changes and tools. Make use of the Teacher Center to locate the updated videos or training sessions with the new features and designs for your reference. The in-built improved & new Help Center along with product forum & community can be used for further assistance.

Improved User Interface

Users can view the fresh feel and new look on the Google Classroom official website and soon it will be implemented in the Google Classroom apps as well. The new material theme from Google service was introduced to offer more consistency with Google platforms & products. You can view the intuitive design flow and a new approach for typography, iconography, color, and shape for both the mobile app and the website.

Students can easily browse & join the classes or projects using the available Class codes. Recently, they had introduced various new themes such as Photography, Hairdressing, Math, History, Custom Illustrations, and many more. Teachers can customize their Classrooms as per their expectations.

Classwork Page with Drag & Drop Feature

The all-new Classwork page can be used by the instructors or teachers to map out or stay organized with their classes. Teachers will use distinct methods to organize their classes and require the classroom tools for additional flexibility. It is much easier to utilize the Drag & Drop feature to rearrange the works, individual Classwork items, and even the entire topics within the page.

Within the Classwork page, you are allowed to drag a specific topic or the entire topics and drag them within the other topics or a specific location for easier access. This functionality is currently available for both mobile users and as well as on the web.

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