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Google Gravity Lava | Hidden tricks, how to play with google tricks

Google is a necessary aspect of life for a significant number of Internet users. Every day, we engage the Google search engine to feed our endless passion for learning. So let’s take a break from that and look at some of Google’s unseen tricks, funny searches, and games situated near its enormous data from multiple sources. There are many hidden tricks in google. Most People might not know the schemes available on Google. Now we are going to see the tricks hidden in google and how they work. We will see about the Google gravity Lava trick, which is so interesting. It is so enjoyable and exciting.

What is Google Gravity Lava?

One of the many tricks that Google can perform is the gravity trick. It is a web application that takes over Google’s main page. This application allows you to view the screen’s contents, such as the search bar, other options, buttons, languages, and so on. In other words, due to the gravitational force, everything you observe on Google will appear to be going down.

Google gravity Lava trick

Google Gravity Lava is one of Google’s finest techniques, in which you may see a network surface covered with squares. A red box will be visible at the top of the screen. However, You can move the character along with how you choose and operate with it in any compartment of the square field. The most incredible element of Google Gravity Lava is that you can add red packets to the fair graphing ground and create constructions, form any shape you want, or design whatever you want. You can have a wonderful time with it.

Do these tricks affect our device?

Establishment of this service for the Google users will have a little fun. However, Google helps its people accomplish various academic tasks such as searching the internet for vital information, research articles, and locations, among other things. As a reason, it is only fair for a young organization like Google to allow its audience to have fun and interact with it. This software keeps you occupied while you try to figure out what’s wrong or if the interface is malfunctioning. These web browsers like Google Gravity Lava will not hurt your device in any manner. Similarly, these are secure to use because Google has recognized them. Most youngsters would be the first to realize such knowledge. They potentially play a prank on their blood relatives being used.

Some other gravity tricks allowed by Google

On Google’s home page, you’ll find a variety of web apps. These tools are harmless to use and could use at any moment.

  1.  Anti Gravity by Google: By using this trick, all Google features will soar on your screen thanks to the Google anti-gravity effect. However, this is a fantastic way for viewers to see how the arcade style keeps the game exciting. To launch this software, repeat the instructions you used to unlock the gravity Google trick. Only one alteration to what you put in the search field is characterized. Substitute ‘Google anti-gravity’ for ‘Google gravity’.
  2. Zero Gravity by Google: In zero-gravity mode, the Google elements will appear distorted. It seems as if everything has been flipped inside out. You must also follow the same steps to activate this programme. However, it would be best if you double-checked that you are typing ‘google zero gravity before pressing I’m feeling lucky. Everything appears to have been turned into it. To activate this curriculum, you must similarly repeat the same procedure.
  3. As the title indicates, Underwater by Google is a user experience that sends you beneath the waves. However In contrast, you can see the search bar glide on the water, as well as a mirror image of ‘Google.’ To activate this script, insert ‘google underwater’ before pushing the button. Underwater is a computer adventure where you go down to the sea, as the names imply. From here, you’ll be able to update more critters to your panel. You’ll be able to add more species to your screen from here.
  4. Google Sphere is a virtual world created by Google. The Google pieces will be expressed in a spherical fashion using this method. This software follows the same stages as others and uses the same ‘google sphere’ as the search query.
  5. Do a barrel roll with Google. Google will turn 360 degrees if you do a full barrel roll from the top left corner to the right bottom corner. Similarly, you can do the same technique here by typing ‘Google perform a barrel roll’ and listening.

These companies were built so that Website visitors may have some amusement while visiting sites like Google Gravity Lava. However Google aids its workforce with a number of educational activities, including browsing the internet for crucial data, research papers, and destinations. In a sense, it is only appropriate for a young global corporation to allow its audience to participate with it and have played. While you try to find out what was the wrong or faulty interface, these activities keep you awake.

Steps to use the Google Gravity Lava trick

  • Visit the website
  • Type “Google Gravity Lava” into the Google Search box. Instead of hitting the search button, touch the “I’m feeling lucky” button.
  • The Gravity Google trick has been enabled, as you can see. A surface with squares and a box can be found on “Google Gravity Lava”.
  • You are free to move it around. You can move them by clicking and dragging the box.


For a wide range of Digital users, Google is an invaluable resource. Day after day, we use Search engines such as Google to drive our compulsive desire to explore new experiences. So look at some of Google’s fewer pranks, hilarious discoveries, and activities that are hiding among its big data from different sources. In Google, there are a lot of hidden tricks. The bulk of citizens are unaware of Google’s trickery. It’s a tremendous amount of fun and exhilarating.However People must try these tricks to entertain and learn a variety of innovative things. They can gain a lot of knowledge by visiting these tricks and enjoy them a lot.





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