Why do you choose the shareit alternative indian app?

Today describes a list of shareit alternative indian app. This software is an option for non-Chinese shares and is safe to use. You will replace the Shareit from your phone using these alternatives. It was formerly one of the best applications in the Google Play Store to share and receive files since shareit was released. Yet the organization began to rely on making profits over time. A lot of content was launched by the company, which made the customer uncomfortable. For several users, shareit was almost easy to use for a long time. And many users also share the shareit service. Since many people do not search for a shareit alternative indian app, many people find it difficult to move to an option and do not want to hear about new alternatives.

Why India banned the Shareit App?

It was very shocking to see some massive names like TikTok, SHAREit, WeChat and more. A few weeks ago, many famous Chinese applications, including SHAREit, were banned in Indian governments. SHAREit is a standard program that allows users to share files, images, applications and music easily. Now that the software isn’t in India, many people are searching for alternate SHAREit applications. Most people now opt for alternatives from the Indian SHAREit. Therefore, I have chosen to list the best SHAREit-like file-sharing applications. We also included them in this list if you are still searching for the best shareit alternative indian app.

shareit alternative indian app

Which country app is Shareit?

Shareit Ban in India and other Chinese apps are now on the lookout for the Shareit-like Indian App. The big question emerged when Shareit launched, which Country App is the Shareit in mind. The shareit was developed in April 2015 and is a Chinese app.

What is the shareit alternative indian app?

The Indian government has forbidden sharing one of the Chinese App, used primarily to move files in Android smartphones. More users are available to check for Shareit Alternative Indian App. Some of the best Indian shares applications for you have been listed by us. Check and begin using the shareit alternative indian app


When it comes to Indians, Jio is a familiar name. Jio has published many applications in the past few years to make things convenient for its customers. Jio Switch is also a fantastic option to SHAREit among these Jio applications. Since Dependence Jio provides Jio Switch, you don’t have to think a lot. It’s one of the better Indian SHAREit alternative applications that Indian users can discover. You would no doubt find it tough to switch to the Jio Switch.  Jio Switch has the same capacities as SHAREit.

It supports any format of the file. Even for transmitting files, you do not require any cables. All the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are required. The pace of the SHAREit is approximately the same. The cross-device support is one of the best things about Jio Switch, making it available on Android and iOS. The best shareit alternative indian app you can have for Shareit on your smartphone.

Files by Google

Here is something from Google if you don’t want to use a Chinese program but an app from a reputable source. Files Software is one of Google’s secure and trustworthy applications. In addition to its cleaning and backup capability, there is a unique feature that helps you to share the files offline more smoothly and without using the data. Like Apple AirDrop, the app is used to transfer data from one phone to another as a transfer method. Similarly, app files are used. Download the Google Play Files Software on both smartphones and share the files without using Cell Data in original quality. The application’s UI is simple, stable and uncompromising.

Share All

Share ALL is a file share app, much like SHAREit. If you have a SHAREit Indian workaround, it’s undoubtedly Share ALL. Two computers often use it to exchange files. The Indian developers are built to react to SHARE their abilities without privacy. The software has no limit because you can exchange files regardless of file size. It does not have a limit. You don’t need the internet to transfer files between computers, just like SHAREit. However, access to sharing files is require for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Download files have a maximum speed of up to 20MBps. It might not look the quickest, but if you find the shareit alternative indian app, it will do the job. You’ll have to spend zero out of your pocket, and it’s secure.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is SHAREit-like and helps you to move data from one computer to another quickly. It uses Wi-Fi and is encrypt 256-bit on all links. For file transfer, you need no active internet or mobile data. Open the submission, pick and submit images, photographs, audio, applications and others. The scanning or communication with the recipient will require a QR code. A 6-digit key to share with the recipient is shown. Both Android and iOS are supply with the app. It can also be note that the Send Anywhere app is own by Send Anywhere, a corporation in South Korea.


The Zapya, which is used to transfer files from one machine to another, is one of the competitors for SHAREit. However, it also has a handful of advertisements and extra functionality that can bother the user experience. Still, it is also a bit easier than SHAREit in terms of the file transfer. It can be a perfect option to SHAREit if you’re searching for a similar app such as SHAREit.


SuperBeam is one of the first programs for file sharing and has existed for all time without concern or misconduct. It allows data transmission at high speeds easily feasible by exchanging files or whole directories between Android devices through Wi-Fi direct technology or the common Wi-Fi link. You may mix SuperBeam with QR Codes or NFC to connect to a PC or Android computer for fast transmission.

Smart Share

Smart Share is also a replacement for the SHAREit application in India. The settings are just the same as all other file sharing software would expect. You can also exchange any files and video formats of all sorts. As with other applications on this series, you don’t need an internet connection. Indian developers built it, so you’re not allow to care about privacy. Because of the not that nice user interface, we put it on this list last. But it does the job concerning the vital function. Smart Share is one of the shareit alternative indian app, available from the Google Play Store.

Nearby Sharing

Nearby share comes as a response to AirDrop by Android, an iOS application. It helps users to exchange files, photos, videos and others on nearby computers, as the name means. Also, the software is Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS compliant. Presently, Nearby Sharing remains work in progress but is expect to arrive shortly.

P2P Share Alliance

The P2P Share Alliance has form with all prominent Chinese smartphone managers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Realme and Vivo. The direct menu that functions like Google’s Nighby Share is easy to share all phones from these brands with the standard share protocol created.


Including touch transfer, the chat backup transfer, smartphone cloning, as well as other general media and file transfer possibilities, is SmartIO, the kind of file-sharing software. It’s an app that facilitates data sharing between Android and Android, between Android and iOS and Android and iOS.

Final Words

These are the perfect shareit alternative indian app that you should try to share Android files. Naturally, SHAREit is also the easiest way to send the phone to phone and a few choices for sharing whole files. It’s also the software you see on most other phones by default, so it’s handy to exchange files with friends if you also have one or two extra choices on your computer.

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