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Top 5 Features of YoWhatsApp You Don’t Know in 2022

As we all know that how much important communication has turned out to be in recent years. Yes, we can even check out that there are several applications available on stores to deliver good communication outcome. Well, this is what millions of them are expecting globally. To satisfy this, Whatsapp comes in the field and offer good number of features along with chatting options. The app does not only allow you to text chat, but also allow the users to do video call. However, people felt that features of YoWhatsapp are better than Whatsapp.

features of YoWhatsapp

With the support of Features of YoWhatsApp, you can witness the best. Also, you can check that the application comes up with exciting features when you compared to Whatsapp. Also, one should keep it in mind Whatsapp application comes up with enough number of features, but that does not satisfy to all. At this stage, people are expecting more features to be included in this application or they prefer similar application. If you are expecting such application, then without going for a second thought, move ahead with YoWhatsapp.

Features of YoWhatsapp

One thing is important that before going to download and install this application on your device, it is necessary for you to focus on the features mentioned below. Yes, it will be supportive and helpful to understand about this app in-depth.

Collection of languages, fonts and emojis

When you come to YoWhatsapp application, you can witness store of themes. Also, it is possible to gather new emojis and even one can check out the supportive languages like Spanish, Arabic, Espanol and more. On the other side, it also provides pack with new stickers.

Extended multimedia options

The best part of this application is one can send maximum 700MB of any type of video file in a single time. Also, the user can share more than 10 pictures with no hassles. The thing is you can even share the images in high quality without quality reduction. Well, you need to know that recording audio without holding can be done in a smoother way.

Availability of piracy

The user can use this application as a permanent usage. Also, the good thing about this app is where you can easily check out the deleted messages. It offers you to check out the views which are hidden. By using this application, it always possible to hide time and date when it comes to copying the messages.

Possibility of customize

The best thing about this application is one can easily customize the ticks styles. On the other side, it is also possible to change bar icons notification. Based on contacts, you can also easily customize the wallpapers without any issues. Even the users can easily create customized themes. By using this application, the user can easily set wallpaper which is customized one for contacts.

Expect regular updates

This is the application where you can check out the updates in a regular interval of time. If you compare to others, this is the main thing where people are expecting from this application. So, people who would like to access this app, then get to check the updates regularly. It is also one of the best features of YoWhatsapp.

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