zoom cloud meetings app

Zoom Cloud Meetings app for video and web conferencing 

Zoom Meetings are founded and created by the Zoom Company and it refers to the Video Conferencing Meetings. This platform will allow the co-located and remote meetings attendee’s to communicate frictionless. It is much easier to virtually conduct the interviews with your remote candidates or even discuss it with your clients. It is not required to utilize or create a Zoom account for creating or attending the Zoom meetings. Zoom Meetings are referred to as a video conferencing meeting that is hosted with the help of Zoom technology.

zoom cloud meetings app

The remote or co-located attendees can be allowed joining the Zoom meeting using phone or video conferencing camera, via webcam, or in-person. You can check the official website to get more information on a Zoom meeting. Most of the users will attend the meeting from a remote location or through the company’s conference room. The Zoom device will be paired with the Zoom Meeting Owl for developing the best meeting experience for the entire attendees.

Features of Zoom Cloud Meetings

Find below the list of features offered by the Zoom Cloud Meetings software:

Group Video Conferencing

These meetings will allow you to host up to a maximum of 500 attendees or participants (if you had already purchased the “Large Meeting” feature). However, the free meeting plan can host a meeting or video conferencing with 100 participants up to a maximum of 40 minutes.

One-on-one Meetings

Make use of the free plan to host an unlimited number of one-to-one meetings. Without any payment, you can utilize the excellent resource Zoom for organizing a professional one-to-one conference or meeting with various people around the globe.

Screen Sharing

This is one of the most important features to share your screen with large groups or one-to-one during the meeting. It could be much helpful to showcase your face, turn on your system’s camera, walking through a product demo, or representing a deck.

Panelist Green Room

Practicing your presentation is key when you have numerous panelists. A green room can be used to practice the presentation or webinar with the entire panelists after upgrading to the Zoon webinar plan.

Automatic Mute Features

Muting the regular video conferencing or online meeting is not referred to as Automatic. Hosting a video conferencing session with numerous participants, it is advisable to use the Automatic mute features. Because most of the participants may not know how to mute themselves within the webinar.

Integrations with Marketing Automation & CRM Tools

Video conferencing will never have the capability to integrate with marketing automation & CRM tools. It is only possible when you opt for the webinar add-on.

Large Participants

Zoom Webinar plan will allow conducting meeting with a maximum of 10,000 participants and normal Video conferencing meeting can host with 500 participants.


Zoom offers this plan only for educators. It is much easier to create an online meeting room for students and professors. The Education plans from Zoom are utilized by various universities such as Drexel, Berkeley, Stanford, and many more. The plan pricing starts from $1,800 and able to host 20 online meetings with this price.

Benefits of Zoom Cloud Meetings

Any businesses across the globe will choose Zoom for conducting video conferencing or online meetings due to the following key benefits:


Zoom Cloud Meetings are really scalable and have the ability of 10,000 viewers and 500 interactive participants. Zoom could be the best solution for any multinational or small business to connect their team members across the continent.


This is another widely regarded reliable system available over the marketplace. It is perfectly designed from scratch to ensure, expertise, and focus stability.

Minimal Training

It offers a standard experience with the entire device and terminates the time-consuming setup or complex training.


Zoom could evolve their respective business communication without the need of financial investment or burdensome time.


Your meeting experience with Zoom Cloud service will be intuitive, simple, and effortless.

Zoom Cloud Meeting will allow the users to start the meeting with a simple process and attendees can join from any location. It offers various business reasons to interact with team members, customers, clients, internal, and external partners with enhanced communications.


  • Excellent features are available for Webinar reporting.
  • It includes a limited free plan to utilize.
  • Scalable & reliable platform.
  • Allow users to conduct unlimited meetings.


  • It includes numerous plan options to confuse.
  • Expensive pricing.

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